About TFR

Ready. React. Respond. Recover.

Originally started as Robinson & Son Tree Service in 1948, this small operation was taken over by Tipton Rowland from his grandfather in 1989. The company was then incorporated and TFR Enterprises was born.

Developing a strong commitment to customer service, TFR chiefly operated as an all-inclusive tree removal and disposal company until 1992 when a disaster services division was added following Hurricane Andrew.  This natural progression into debris management services following natural and man-made disasters has yielded a financially strong, logistically able, and customer-oriented corporation delivering flexible disaster recovery solutions.  TFR continues to build upon 50+ plus years of related experience to ultimately aid American communities in returning to normalcy following devastating events.  TFR is here to help!

Proven Disaster Response Expertise

TFR has decades of experience with disaster response and debris management projects. Challenged with Florida’s multiple hurricanes in 2004 and the subsequent hurricanes in 2005, TFR has proven its disaster response capabilities, successfully managing all phases of recovery. TFR has responded to numerous disaster-related projects, including but not limited to hurricanes, tornados, floods, and ice storms, providing the experience necessary to tackle any size project.

A key aspect of responding to a natural or man-made disaster is the ability to assess, organize and mobilize vital resources quickly and efficiently. With large quantities of company-owned, specialized heavy equipment, qualified personnel in multiple states and countless loyal, experienced subcontractors, TFR does not react, but prepares.

Many debris management projects must operate according to FEMA rules and regulations.  TFR has successfully completed over 100+ FEMA debris removal and management projects, offering customers strong knowledge of the agency’s policies and procedures. Additionally, TFR aids communities unfamiliar with the FEMA process to ensure successful project performance and reimbursement.  TFR is highly regarded in the industry maintaining a strong reputation for competent, timely and cost-effective performance among officials of over 90 federal, state, county, city and private entities for which TFR has worked.

Simply put, TFR is results driven.