Ready. React. Respond. Recover.

Tipton F. Rowland, Chief Executive Officer/President

Mr. Rowland acquired his grandfather’s company (Robinson & Son Tree Service, Memphis. TN) in 1988 and incorporated the company as TFR Enterprises, Inc. in 1989. A disaster services division was added in 1992 to include, debris management following a disaster event such as hurricanes, floods, ice storms, tornados and earthquakes. Projects that have been undertaken and successfully completed under his supervision include vegetative and C&D debris removal from Rights-Of-Way, vegetative and C&D debris removal from streams and canals, debris site management, weed and brush control services, tree pruning, trimming and removal services, mulch and compost production services, vegetative debris incineration (both open burn and air curtain), vegetative reduction by grinding, separation and recycling of C&D debris and demolition of residential structures. Mr. Rowland has overseen 250+ separate disaster response projects, federally funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). By providing “hands-on” oversight as president and Chief Executive Officer of TFR Enterprises, Inc. he has successfully performed as damage assessment evaluator, cost proposal estimator, project supervisor, safety and compliance officer, and has assisted in interacting with local government officials in developing debris management policies in compliance with State and Federal (FEMA) reimbursement regulations.

Julie A. Rowland, Chief Financial Officer/Secretary

Julie Rowland graduated from the University of Memphis in 1992 with a BA in Communications. Since joining the company in 1989, she has served as the administrative and financial accounting manager for all projects. She is responsible for the oversight of all financial records and systems for the company, overseeing a staff of 10 clerks. She is the principal advisor to the President on all matters relating to cooperative agreements and procurement, as well as financial management, controls, and accounting functions. She has overall responsibility for final reconciliation of accounts for issues involving subcontractors and clients. In addition, Julie Rowland is responsible for providing outside agencies such as banks, bonding and insurance companies and auditors with necessary financial information and assists the independent auditor with financial statements and income tax preparation.

Kevin Rolison, Operations Manager

Mr. Rolison has 17 years of hands on field experience in debris removal operations. He started as a grapple truck operator with TFR Enterprises, Inc., in 2002 and is now a seasoned Operations Manager. He has deployed to more than 80 emergency debris removal projects for federal, state and local government entities. Before joining TFR Kevin had 10 years of heavy equipment and commercial truck driving experience. In 2004, Mr. Rolison served as project manager on various projects resulting from Hurricanes, Charley, Frances, Jeanne and
Ivan in the state of Florida. In 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, Kevin deployed to Louisiana and worked as a Project Manager for Belle Chase Military base. In 2006 deployed immediately to Texas after Hurricane Rita he continued as a Project Manager working simultaneously in 6 counties. His strong verbal and written communication skills, leadership skills, experience and diplomacy quickly promoted him to project Operations Manager. Mr. Rolison’s tenure enables him to easily estimate cubic yardage at a historically accurate level, create an operational plan and efficiently execute it for a successful response to complex and diverse debris removal projects caused by hurricanes, tornados, floods, mudslides, ice storms, fires and man-made disasters.

Sharon Lyell, Program and Quality Control Manager

Sharon Lyell has more than 26 years in quality control and project management. Mrs. Lyell has overseen TFR’s sub-contracts and sub requirements such as insurance and W-9’s as well as project documentation for FEMA reimbursement for 13 years. Formerly a team member of the Quality Control Department at Emerson Process Controls for 12 years, she has extensive training and experience in quality control, assurance and process improvements. This experience has proven invaluable in complying with federal regulations required by
Emergency Debris Removal contract performance and documentation to receive FEMA reimbursements.

Rigo Mejia, Operations Planner

Mr. Mejia joined TFR Enterprises, Inc in 2008 after Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas. Rigo has 11 years of on-site experience in emergency debris operations responding to hurricanes, ice storms, floods, fires, tornados and mudslides. With experience working in all phases of debris management such as hauling, grinding, equipment operations, tree trimming and removal, water way debris removal, site set-up (permitting) and restoration, equipment repairs, managing personnel and subcontractors and more. Well versed in field and site operations, he has become a veteran operations planner. Rigo worked with USACE on LA Division Basin and Channel Debris Removal after the mudslides in 2017. Rigo attends pre-event readiness meetings with clients annually and assists with creation of debris management plans as needed. When TFR is not on an active project, Rigo spends his time at Austin headquarters taking inventory and assessing equipment needs. He schedules maintenance and repairs, orders necessary inventory of critical stock parts so that equipment can be immediately repaired to avoid downtime during a debris recovery project. He keeps in open communication with subcontractors to retain critical relationships even while no contracts are active. He has responded to more than 28 federally declared disasters and has a vast knowledge of debris removal operations, equipment and FEMA guidelines.

Tate Wilson, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager

Tate Wilson joined TFR Enterprises, Inc. in July of 2019 as Project Manager/Environmental Health and Safety Manager. He brings with him a fresh set of eyes in our company and industry. His experience comes from many years of heavy construction and clearing work. He is an expert at all levels of the clearing process: trimming, cutting, grinding, loading, hauling, and grading. Having worked on high profile projects for companies such as Exxon, Shell, and BP, Mr. Wilson has experience in completing large scale projects. Mr. Wilson has extensive health and safety knowledge as well, providing our crews with added security to ensure that everyone returns home the same way they arrived.

Steven Vinyard, Project Manager

Steven Vinyard joined TFR Enterprises, Inc. in June of 2015 as a field supervisor and his enthusiasm for quality and efficiency quickly led him into the role of Project Manager for emergency debris management. Mr. Vinyard has 20 years of hands on experience with all types of heavy equipment, specialized machinery and commercial trucks. His experience in operating and repair and maintenance of all types of equipment is invaluable in managing daily operations of emergency debris removal projects. Steven’s positive attitude, willingness to help others and clear communication skills naturally leads others to reach maximum potential in safety, production and quality. Mr. Vinyard has participated in successful management of more than 30 contract task orders responding to a variety of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornados and straight-line winds. Mr. Vineyard’s experience has allowed him to become proficient in FEMA guidelines on eligibility for right of way debris removal, hazardous leaners and hangers, stumps, right of entry requirements for private property debris removal and water way debris removal, exceptions for gated community access as well as locating, permitting, setting up and site remediation for temporary debris management sites.

Mel Utterback, Project Manager

Melvin Utterback became an integral part of the TFR Team in 2004 when he came on board to assist in the clean-up efforts following Hurricane Ivan. TFR was called upon for immediate support in debris removal and hazardous tree trimming at the Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola. Mel proved to be a capable self-loading grapple truck operator, as well as an excellent equipment operator with effective leadership skills. With the specialized skills and team-work attitude that Mel possesses, he earned swift promotion to Project Manager for TFR. After Katrina hit Mississippi-Louisiana coast in 2005, Mel was called to the lead at Gulfport Navy Base and Belle Chase Naval Air station in New Orleans. Conditions at the bases were extremely primitive, Mel and his team slept on the ground for 6 weeks while building a man cap out of a golf course for the military and Seabees. Because of his accurate documentation, strict adherence to Job Safety Analysis and Zero Defects, Mel is TFR’s go-to Senior Project Manager for Federal Contracts and Military installations. Mr. Utterback has the ability to successfully lead debris management crews in all operations; debris hauling, ROW emergency push, hazardous tree work, large and multiple debris site management and grinding operations to load and haul out and final disposal. Mel has successfully managed emergency debris projects for TFR over 16 years and has zero recordable injuries throughout his tenure with the company. Mr. Utterback’s effective communication skills and experience with critical logistics planning continues to earn him excellent project evaluations from Emergency Debris Management contracts managed under his direction.

Roger Barfield, Maintenance of Traffic

Barfield joined TFR Enterprises, Inc., in 2016 following a successful employ for a Heavy Highway Construction Firm out of Texas. As a safety manager in civil construction Roger gained valuable knowledge in all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety and Project Supervision. Roger was specifically tasked with implementing road detours, road closures, bridge closures, high traffic maintenance and direction/diversion of traffic. This experience makes him the TFR expert on ROW safety. Mr. Barfield recruits, trains and manages all maintenance of traffic crews for TFR Department of Transportation jobs nationwide as well as flaggers on city and county projects. Roger spent several months in deteriorated conditions in Puerto Rico in response to Hurricane Maria devastating the island. He was the safety manager for debris operations for the entire eastern quadrant of the island. His supervision lead to a successful zero injury and zero incident record for that project. Roger has also served as administrator and project supervisor on 4 military bases. His position on other storm recovery contracts include quality assurance, safety, traffic maintenance and project superintendent.

Mike Mejia, Service Manager

Mike Mejia joined TFR Enterprises, Inc in 2008 after Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas. Mr. Mejia has 12 years of experience performing equipment repairs and maintenance. The specialized fleet owned by TFR Enterprises requires Mike to have an in-depth knowledge of every type of equipment from Self-Loading Knuckleboom trucks to Diamond Z 1463 Tub Grinders. Mike can design and fabricate any part for any machine in our fleet during emergency debris operations, ensuring minimal to no down time. Mike leads the maintenance crews both on-site during disaster response and in house at the TFR Headquarters where the fleet is maintained and repaired when not responding to disasters. Mike also orders all inventory of critical replacement parts for key components as well as shop supplies and specialty tools. He also sets the priorities and schedules of equipment repairs and maintenance for all in house mechanics. Mike oversees safety and housekeeping in the TFR shop and has successfully managed zero injuries or incidents in the last 5 years.

Tiffany Jean, Senior Contract Administrator

Tiffany Jean joined TFR Enterprises, Inc after graduating from Texas A&M University in 2007. She has more than 12 years of Contract Quality Control experience where her attention to detail and responsiveness is extraordinary and her value within the organization is unparalleled. Mrs. Jean handles all contract documentation, all city, county and state registrations throughout the United States. Tiffany ensures field documentation on debris removal projects follows contract requirements and the Quality Control Plan for FEMA reimbursement. She stays abreast of FEMA changes in policy while maintaining excellent ongoing relationships with all TFR’s clients. This experience has proven invaluable in complying with federal regulations required by Emergency Debris Removal contract performance and documentation to receive FEMA reimbursements.

Teresa Tangorra, Contract Administrator

Teresa Tangorra joined TFR Enterprises, Inc. in November 2019. After spending more than 20 years in the insurance industry, Mrs. Tangorra has extensive experience with natural disasters and their aftermath. She has joined the Contract Administration Department with decades of experience working with contracts and policies and an eye for detail. Teresa does research and development of RFP’s and handles contract documentation for city, county and state registrations throughout the United States. She stays updated on FEMA changes in policy and regulations required by Emergency Debris Removal contracts.

Sally Wallace, Human Resources/Accounts Payable

Sally Wallace joined TFR Enterprises, Inc. in February of 2018. She has over 20 years of experience in Accounting, HR, Payroll serving as both a Full Charge Bookkeeper and Office Manager. She has experience in certified payroll for multiple jobs and has effectively handled an increase in employee count from 18 employees to 90 employees in less than two weeks when disasters strike. Sally also participates in continuing education classes to remain in compliance with DOT regulations for onboarding of CDL drivers and assists our fleet department and project management to ensure employee training and documentation of training is current.